Today ESTA counts 128 Members out of which 66 are effective, 55 adherent, 6 associate and 2 corresponding.

Membership of ESTA is open to all companies and organization the activities of which include transportation of valuable cargo or supply equipment and services and which fully support the objectives of ESTA.

Companies providing cash management services employ around 100,000 people across Europe. Their businesses have a turnover of €4 billion and more than 99% of their activities take place at national level.
There are four membership levels:
  • Effective Members - Cash Management companies
  • Adherent Members - companies providing equipment and services to Effective Members
  • Associate Members - Cash Management companies operating outside Europe
  • Corresponding Members - National Cash Management Associations

Download our document 'Membership information package' and read why becoming a member can contribute to improving the quality level of the whole industry.

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